Google Maps Pokemon

So you wanna be a Pokemon master?

Google has recently announced a competition that lets people around the world look for pokemon scattered in Google Maps to become a true Pokemon Master. This site has a list of the known pokemon available on Google Maps.

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Pokemon Name Search Criteria (Primary) GPS Web Link
Bulbasaur Google Soccer Field 37.4234958,-122.0902255 Link
Ivysaur Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco 37.7696687,-122.4704596 Link
Venusaur Isla Fernandina, Galapagos. -0.3708638,-91.5566376 Link
Charmander Hiroshima 34.382318,132.4527829 Link
Charmeleon Volcan la Cumbre, Galapagos (slightly west of marker) -0.3708638,-91.5566376 Link
Charizard Mount Yasur -19.5279516,169.4487904 Link
Squirtle Rialto Bridge, Venice 45.4378861,12.3357371 Link
Wartortle Trevi Fountain 41.900932,12.483313 Link
Blastoise Isla Santa Cruz -0.607247,-90.178061 Link
Pidgey CN Tower 43.642566,-79.387057 Link
Pikachu CERN Meyrin Site 46.2302565,6.0502656 Link
Raichu Chemin des Ceps, Meyrin 46.228809,6.0430015 Link
Jigglypuff Harrison St, Detroit 42.3394783,-83.0708366 Link
Meowth Tokyo 43.0699416,-89.4156754 Link
Psyduck Seattle, WA (Piers 62 and 63) 47.6080698,-122.3445141 Link
Gengar Roswell, NM 33.4002522,-104.5468636 Link
Gyrados De Anza College Flea Market 43.0699416,-89.4156754 Link
Lapras Lake Mendota 43.107505,-89.4157153 Link
Eevee Yankee Stadium 37.4171941,-122.0973619 Link
Vaporeon The Palm Jumeira 25.1258304,55.1124087 Link
Jolteon Staples Center 34.0449116,-118.2691423 Link
Flareon Sydney- Kirby Walk -33.9112795,151.208812 Link
Porygon Lindero Drive, Palo alto 37.416036,-122.1205397 Link
Snorlax Vatican City 41.9019152,12.4555595 Link
Dragonite Googleplex 37.4205093,-122.0864006 Link
Chikorita Bedwell Bayfront Park 37.4920893,-122.1701605 Link
Bayleef Hermann Park Houston 46.2402399,6.0519029 Link
Meganium White House, Washington 38.8994462,-77.0364013 Link
Cyndaquil Sakurajima, Japan: east of Mt Ontake, directly south of the road 31.5921847,130.6680244 Link
Quilava Monaco 43.7277176,7.4148532 Link
Typhlosion Krakatoa, Indonesia -6.1173388,105.3995387 Link
Totodile Monterey Bay Aquarium 36.6183458,-121.9013355 Link
Croconaw Lake Lagunita, Stanford 37.4229221,-122.176289 Link
Feraligatr Cocos Islands, pulu blan -12.1875864,96.8788452 Link
Hoothoot Rue Lepic, Paris 48.885076,2.3341749 Link
Pichu CERN Meyrin Site 46.2404692,6.041618 Link
Togepi Sagrada Familia, Barcelona SPAIN 41.4028593,2.1746377 Link
Ampharos Chemin des Ceps, Meyrin 46.2342156,6.0634614 Link
Marill Crater Lake, Oregon, USA 42.944284,-122.109559 Link
Sudowoodo Cork English Market 51.8968663,-8.4752437 Link
Espeon Nagano 36.6313797,138.1878392 Link
Umbreon Amazon Theatre, Brazil Link
Unown Buenos aires; Area 51 -34.6002317,-58.3742416 Link
Wobbuffet Glasgow; Area 51 55.8513641,-4.2925068 Link
Steelix Ann Arbor 42.2757598,-83.7448934 Link
Scizor University of Texas at Austin, Clark Field 30.2816586,-97.734219 Link
Heracross Santa Cruz Link
Donphan Sphinx Link
Miltank Arc de Triomphe, Paris Link
Tyranitar Half dome, Yosemite Valley Link
Treecko Gasworks Park Link
Grovyle Meguro Station Tokyo japan Link
Scepticle Cocos Island, Puntarenas Link
Torchic Mount Vesuvius, Napoli Link
Combusken Mt. St. Helens Link
Blaziken Mount Etna Link
Mudkip East of Tokyo (Chiyoda) Link
Marshtomp Little Manly Cove, Manly Austraila Link
Swampert near Alan Davidson Oval at the alexandra Canal, Sydney Australia, The Royne, near CERN Link
Beautifly Henry W. Seal Park 37.4358149,-122.1188427 Link
Lotad Tokyo Link
Taillow Vancouver Airport, BC Link
Kirlia 1804 N Shoreline Blvd; Area 51 Link
Sableye Key West Link
Mawile Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur Link
Aggron Manille Link
Plusle Chemin Auriol Link
Minun CERN Link
Wailord The Little Mermaid, Denmark Link
Milotic Lake Merced Link
Kecleon Cook County Jail Link
Banette Galapagos islands , south plaza island Link
Absol FDR Golf Club Link
Salamence Neuschwanstein Castle Link
Metagross Google Soccer Field 37.423713,-122.092044 Link
Turtwig Parque Nacional do Ja√π Link
Grotle Kansai Rinkai Park Link
Torterra Discovery Park Link
Chimchar Mount Kilimanjaro, Alpine Services -3.066465,37.350666 Link
Monferno Mount Elbrus Link
Infernape Sutro Baths, San Francisco Link
Piplup South Basin, San Francisco (zoom in to see) Link
Prinplup Small unnamed island to east of Isla Isabela, Galapagos Islands 0°51'58.1"S 90°46'39.6"W Link
Empoleon Sutro Baths, San Francisco 37.77985,-122.513848 Link
Staraptor machu pichu Link
Luxray Googleplex 37.4200278,-122.083874 Link
Combee UIUC Link
Pachirisu Facebook Inc 37.4565419,-122.1640026 Link
Buizel Cal Anderson Park, Seattle, WA Link
Buneary Statue of Liberty Link
Chatot Sydney, Australia (off to the right in the water) Link
Spiritomb Catacombs of Paris Link
Garchomp Valley of the Kings Egypt Link
Munchlax Empire State Building Link
Lucario Taj Mahal Link
Croagunk Google Inc Link
Leafeon Setagaya Park, Tokyo Link
Glaceon Mount Everest; Sochi, Russia Link
Mamoswine Whistler Mountain Peak, BC Link
Rotom M.I.T. Link
Snivy Tokyo Link
Servine Royal Observatory Greenwich Link
Serperior Central Park Link
Tepig Bordeaux Link
Pignite Meteor Crater, AZ, USA Link
Emboar Odessa Meteor Crater, TX, USA Link
Oshawott Egret Pond, Palo Alto 37.4375562,-122.1074175 Link
Dewott Niagara Falls Link
Samurott Peney dessus (le rhone) Link
Munna World Bar, New York; Area 51 Link
Pidove Anchorage Airport Link
Audino Charing Cross Station Link
Scraggy Alcatraz Link
Cofagrigus Bran Castle, Romania Link
Zoroark Galapagos Link
Minccino Saint-Gervais, Paris, France (Below, very hard to see) Link
Deerling google japan Link
Emolga CERN Meyrin Site 37.3940724,-122.1513014 Link
Joltik Googleplex 37.4224776,-122.0823076 Link
Ferrothorn Asukayama Park, Tokyo Link
Chandelure Area 51 control tower Link
Haxorus San Francisco Link
Chubchoo SE of Hietaniemi Cemetery, Helsinki, Finland Link
Stunfisk Nose Hill Park, Calgary 51.1133022,-114.1097549 Link
Hydreigon Louvre, or Roswell NM Link
Chespin Kuritsu Kashinomiya Park Link
Quilladin Hanegi Park, Setagaya, Tokyo; Boronia Park, Australia. Link
Chesnaught London Zoo - Regent's Park, London , Zoom in to < 500ft Link
Fennekin Ushuaia Link
Braixen Diamond Head, Honolulu Link
Delphox Saitama, Japan Link
Froakie Pier 39, San Francisco Link
Frogadier The Bellagio Link
Greninja off the coast of Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos (South Western Side, stick to the coast) Link
Bunnelby Montmatre Link
Talonflame Tokyo Pokemon Centre Link
Gogoat Tiergarten, Berlin Link
Pancham Sphinx Internet 37.4165379,-122.0867296 Link
Meowstic (Male) St John's Gardens Link
Meowstic (Female) Stanford University; Area 51 37.4291892,-122.1699442 Link
Aegislash Montevideo Link
Spritzee Manille Link
Swirlix Dublin Link
Inkay Bilbao, Spain Link
Helioptile Eiffel Tower Link
Sylveon Central Park 45.4474564,12.3457674 Link
Dedenne Harvard 42.376902, -71.117809 Link
Goodra Hanoi, Vietnam 21.007544,105.844074 Link
Pumpkaboo Great Pyramids of Giza 29.9809001, 31.1370021 Link
Noivern Portland, OR 45.5260824, -122.6826713 Link

This page will be updated with the list of all the pokemon in the google maps 2014 April Fools day challenge in an effort to help you become the next great pokemon master. Eventually a list of all the pokemon in the Google Maps challenge will be put up on this site. Please bookmark this site to check for future updates or data. You can just tap on each of thse links in Chrome on your mobile devices (iOS and Android) and it will take you to the Google Maps app where you can go ahead and capture the pokemon. There's 150 that we know of as of now. Good luck! Share this list with your friends!

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